3 Steps to Choose The Right Blockchain Development Company

Hyperledger– Supported by Linux Foundation and IBM, Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort particularly useful for advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies. IOTA’s ledger is ideal for use cases requiring micropayments and connected devices. Autonomous devices can be registered on the blockchain, leased without human involvement, and receive payment using IOTA’s native currency. Now, devices can achieve self-sovereignty by owning their wallets to store digital currency.

How to choose a blockchain framework

MultiChain is highly configurable and customizable; it can work with several blockchains simultaneously. MultiChain developers claim the system is so easy to work with that it can be easily deployed and configured by a non-developer. The system doesn’t depend on a particular server and, in case the server fails, it won’t affect the continued processing of transactions. This cooperation has given R3 the knowledge and experience to create a financial trading application on Corda that incorporates shippers and carriers.

The public protocols

Additionally, a lot of other entities have created apps based on Hyperledger frameworks. Exonum is a blockchain framework developed for enterprise projects and launched in 2017 by the Bitfury Group. The Exonum source code is absolutely open, as are all application programming interfaces . Exonum provides access not only to the whole codebase but to client software for blockchain management. It was built with the help of Rust, one of the safest and fastest programming languages.

Established in 2015, the platform has leveraged its first mover advantage to dominate the Blockchain landscape as developers’ chosen platform for building decentralized applications. Getting the essentials in one place – Blockchain is a database distributed and managed by individuals. It helps keep track of all the transactions in a structured and secure manner. The way it achieves this is through the Blockchain platforms. List of trendy technology topics dating back to 2010, the one name that would make a constant appearance year after year would be Blockchain.

Upgrade Your Blockchain Skills with 101 Blockchains

The MultiChain project is actively updated on GitHub and has a large community. A new block is formed within three seconds, compared to 10 minutes for other blockchain. The framework has a unified API, allowing you to interact with different Openchain instances. Hyperledger gets huge support from its contributors and is actively updated on GitHub. If you need to send data to a particular participant, the private channel feature allows you to do it without displaying data to other participants.

  • This insight will get all the questions answered shading light into how to choose a blockchain protocol for development.
  • The purpose was to synchronize, manage, and control financial obligations between different organizations, thus reducing the costs of transactions and record keeping.
  • Hyperledger Burrow (formerly known as eris-db) is a permissionable smart contract machine built-in part to the specification of the Ethereum Virtual Machine .
  • Public networks are publicly accessible via the internet and nodes can be run by anyone.
  • The first consideration is whether you want to use a public or a private network.

This something you have to figure out during the designing phase of your system. If you don’t want data to be public you have to choose permissioned blockchain that is suitable for business where the enterprise wants to keep things private and give access only to specific parties. Do not use open blockchain where anyone can access freely like Bitcoin and Ethereum and all the transactions and data are visible. The dominant form of enterprise framework blockchain solutions implemented by companies are private networks, as these feature permissioned access rather than public access to the blockchain network. This leads us to the end of our enterprise blockchain frameworks article.

Then there is XDC Network, a hybrid blockchain dedicated to transforming the Global Trade and Finance space with sustainable blockchain products. Then there’s Hyperledger, yet another area-specific protocol. So many protocols are graduating now; it is a continuous exercise. Blockchain has become mainstream by powering cryptocurrencies. With blockchain applications receiving mass adoption across multiple industries, the blockchain market is expected to grow up to 68 billion USD by the end of 2026.


If you are looking for blockchain protocol consultancy and development assistance, please reach out to our blockchain experts. They will help you better understand the protocols top blockchain platforms and pick the right one for your application development. The energy efficiency of blockchain protocol is being widely discussed but not taken into much consideration.

How to choose a blockchain framework

Therefore, choosing an enterprise blockchain framework can be tricky — and that’s why it is important to look for different elements before making a choice. BI provides businesses with complete end-to-end blockchain development services. Our great expertise, technology-agnostic approach, purpose-built architectures, and end-to-end delivery model accelerate your enterprise blockchain deployments. Feel free to reach our blockchain development consultant, and speak up about your project expectations.

The frameworks help to simplify the process and also ensure that the enterprise has the freedom to customize the blockchain network they are building for themselves. Frameworks offer the building blocks which act as an accelerator for enterprises, and they can focus on implementing their requirements rather than re-inventing ideas. Without further ado, let’s explore six of the most popular frameworks for developing blockchain-powered apps. We’ll highlight key features and break down strengths and weaknesses to help you make a more informed decision when selecting the right platform to develop your blockchain network.


Moreover, Graphene developers claim the system is capable of processing even 100,000 transactions per second. This speed is enough to provide large economic and financial companies with continuous operations. An abundance of ready-made solutions and tools help developers create apps with clean code and a well-considered architecture.

Value chain systems are typically built on permission Blockchain than on absolute private or public chains. Protocol maturity and the emergence of new protocols lead to the crossroad where picking up a protocol or understanding the right choice gets tricky. One way to choose the right Blockchain for development is to understand what kind of application you want to develop..

So next we are going to help you with the action plan to help you find the right enterprise blockchain platforms. Hyperledger Fabric has a permissioned ledger and modular architecture, similar to Ethereum. This advanced modularity gives Fabric a plug-and-play kind of interface where you can select your preferred services- consensus algorithm, smart contracts types, etc. The cost can be divided into two bars; one is execution cost, another is the cost of storage. How much of the application’s component needs to be executed on the network or how much data you are storing on-chain determines the cost. These factors have a huge impact on the cost because when you are working with smart contracts and saving data or executing smart contracts, money needs to be burned.

Prevention of fraud – with Blockchain being at the heart of the solution, Blockchain platforms prevent modification of information. Meaning, it becomes impossible to misuse the information by editing it to meet their needs. 90% of Blockchain projects that once started with a solid POC have now failed. Exonum is an open source framework built in Rust, a programming language of the relatively recent invention with a focus on security. Hyperledger Burrow (formerly known as eris-db) is a permissionable smart contract machine built-in part to the specification of the Ethereum Virtual Machine . TLDR; We’ve worked on four of these six frameworks in production.

Step 3: 5 criteria to choose the best blockchain development company

As you can see a big gap in the developer salary range and you will be able to utilize the geographical prices in these countries. In opposite to the above method, this time you will build your custom blockchain for your business with your target balance of decentralization, security, and scalability. It will require lots of effort in building, maintaining, and safeguarding as million-dollar bugs may come at any time. Our team of blockchain consulting experts will get your project off to a strong start by providing personally tailored solutions. Async Labs distinguishes itself from others by paying close attention to fine details to optimize blockchain projects. The project managers ensure that the developers understand the project’s goal and meet the client’s expectations.

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Given their consortia-driven nature, they often align with a specific industry or niche. As its name implies, a private blockchain keeps all the information on the ledger private among participants, it is not visible https://globalcloudteam.com/ outside of the consortia . The big perk of public networks is that the infrastructure already exists so you’re only building on top of it, which can be cheaper at first as you only need to be able to access a node.

And then secondly is something called KYC, know your customer. It is an Agile subset and a lightweight process framework for agile development. It is suitable for projects that are resistant to change later in the process because requirements are completed early in the project.

Blockchain has completely revolutionized the way we execute business operations and special transactions. But energy has a huge impact on the environment, and for the Blockchain to be a sustainable technology in the future, it is definitely important to consider energy-efficient blockchains. Bitcoin adopts a proof of work consensus mechanism that requires a lot of mining, and it takes a huge amount of power consumption on various nodes. But then, other protocols like Hedera support proof of stake consensus algorithm and are very energy efficient. So, energy is one factor to consider while choosing a blockchain protocol. If this is the first time you’re choosing a blockchain framework for your project, we recommend starting with a framework that has a strong community and developer support.

The platform has no mining feature, so part of the transactions is never seen in most nodes. In other words, Corda transactions are not open for all nodes. Before finalizing any blockchain, don’t forget to check its extendability capabilities, considering your future needs.

The major advantage of private networks over public is these alleviate some of the concerns regarding data and transaction privacy. Having said that, a major trade-off with private networks is the assumption of a high level of trust residing amongst the participants. With so many chains and DLT out there, how do you choose which one to use? That’s obviously after assessing that there’s a real implementation use case in your business.

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