Guide To Becoming a Frontend Developer: Job Skills and Responsibilities

Users who feel they’ve had a negative experience are unlikely to continue visiting the same website. Businesses can lose valuable website traffic because of usability issues. Websites that are easy to navigate promote website visitors and potential leads to stay on web pages longer. The front-end of a website for users looks like homepages, landing pages, and website pages.

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers is an online course that helps you learn the basic tools that every web developer should know.
  • Ajax isn’t a technology by itself, but a set of programming techniques.
  • Andrei is an experienced full-stack web developer with almost a decade of experience working with a large variety of technologies—over half of that working remotely.
  • Formats like HLS and MPEG-DASH can adapt their quality to the bandwidth available to the user, delivering reasonable video quality even over slow connections.

This will show employers that you’re not afraid to push yourself. Employers want to know that the person they’re hiring is passionate about the job. This question gives you a chance to prove that you’re just that, as well as showing that what you love about coding fits right in with the company. Upgrade your teams with in-demand tech skills & hire the best tech talent.

The 10 Most Common JavaScript Issues Developers Face

Brandon Morelli, creator of, has an awesome mind map that shows important web development languages, frameworks, and tools to learn. Cloudinary offers an intuitive user interface, replete with APIs and widgets, with which you can store, transform, optimize, and deliver images, videos, and other rich media.

Familiarity with the creation and consumption of REST and SOAP services is desirable. The front-end developer should become a front end developer work with servers like Apache or Nginx, and they should have a good knowledge of Linux and Server administration.

🤓 Which front-end skills/technologies experts say you should learn

As a result, you end up with professional and mobile-friendly designs. Examples of JavaScript can be found in virtually any web page including the freeCodeCamp homepage.

what is a front end developer

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